Benefits of Learning TouchPro Chair Massage

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Chair Massage Practitioners

Not all chair massages are created equal. More people are giving and receiving TouchPro chair massage than any other approach to chair massage in the world. And for good reason. Nobody has been at this longer than TouchPro founder, David Palmer, acknowledged in the massage industry as the “father” of chair massage for his pioneering work in field since 1982.Perhaps you have noticed that your hands get tired trying to modify Swedish massage techniques for working on customers through the clothing. Or, you find yourself exhausted after a day of chair massage.Here is why the TouchPro Approach is so effective:
  • Deep roots: We stand on the shoulders of 1300 years of Japanese massage tradition.
  • Time tested: For over 35 years TouchPro has been refining the teaching of chair massage to tens of thousands of table massage practitioners around the world.
  • Universal: The TouchPro Approach was developed so that the widest range of practitioners (tall/short; young/old; wide/skinny) could work on the broadest variety of customers.
  • Efficient and effective: By using a carefully selected sequence of acupressure points and Japanese massage techniques, the TouchPro Approach provides the greatest amount of benefit in the least amount of time.
  • Ergonomic: Since 1982, David has been researching the most effective body mechanics for the chair. Save your body and enjoy your work!

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Table Massage Practitioners

If you want to expand your table practice, chair massage is the perfect addition.
Massage therapist Russ Borner can trace 80 percent of the $9,000 per month he typically grosses doing table massage to one specific chair massage he gave 30 years ago—for free—at a charity golf event. Read about how to convert customers from a chair to a table. Often it works in reverse. One of your table customers asks if you can come to an office or event to do chair massage.
Chair massage is a specialty and requires far more training than provided in most massage schools. How do you quickly screen customers before they sit in the chair? What is the proper hygiene protocol? How do I save my hands and protect my body when I do 20 chair massages in a day? How do I prevent customers from fainting in my chair? This course will provide all those answers and more.
Finally, even if you have a full and successful table practice, many practitioners find it exciting to leave behind the same four walls and client list. Chair massage helps prevent “cabin fever” by keeping your mind and your work fresh. It is also a great way to expand your massage brand within the larger community.

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Former TouchPro Seminar and Home Study Course Participants

If you have ever completed the full TouchPro Technique seminar (at least 17 classroom hours) anytime since 1986, you are entitled to free access to all the material in this course for a full year. Just complete this form and we will send you a coupon code for a free one year enrollment.Likewise, if you have already purchased the Home Study version of this course (2 DVDs. 1 CD, and Handbook), you can get a discount coupon code for one year free access by filling out this form.Back to top

Health Care Professionals

Whether you are dealing with the physical, mental or social needs of your community, you know that the health care standard of care is rapidly changing in two important ways:
  • The fundamental health care paradigm is shifting from treatment (sickness care) to prevention (health promotion);
  • There is an increasing use of lifestyle remedies to support healing, e.g. food and exercise as medicine, pets for people living alone.
Chair massage sits at the center of these transformations and is appearing in increasing numbers of hospitals, clinics, private practices, wellness centers, shelters, substance abuse treatment centers and many more health care settings. Simply put, positive touch is always appropriate as healing support and chair massage is guaranteed to make people feel better immediately and enhance their quality of life.Back to top

Personal Care Service Providers

What all personal grooming services, such as barbers, cosmetologists, skin care specialists, and estheticians have in common is that they all involve touch. A positive touch experience is what satisfies a customer and turns a good haircut into a great experience.Learning chair massage is a great way for you to develop more conscious, educated hands that will leave your customers wondering what magic has transformed their experience.Also, in many states, provinces and countries, cosmetologists and estheticians are licensed to massage customers in some way. You might already be able to use chair massage to provide an additional income stream for your salon practice.Back to top

Sports and fitness

As an athletic trainer, coach or consultant, your knowledge of anatomy and hands-on training makes you an ideal candidate for learning chair massage. The benefits of massage are already well recognized by virtually every professional sport team. Now chair massage makes it possible for you to bring many of those benefits to non-professional athletes, gym rats and weekend warriors in a safe, non-threatening package. Chair massage requires no disrobing, no messy oils, and no private rooms.Add chair massage to your menu of services and watch your satisfaction rate of your customers skyrocket.Back to top

Friends and Family Chair Massage

Positive touch is one of least expensive gifts you can give to any relationship. With the skill of chair massage, you become the familial glue, the welcome party guest, the caring friend. Positive touch is non-judgmental and can communicate when words are not sufficient or adequate (ever try to have a conversation with a teenager?). It is a skill for a lifetime that deepens connections, heals hurts, brings immediate joy and celebrates life.There is no better way to improve the quality of life of those you love than with a regular chair massage. Just ask the mother of our founder who has received a near daily chair massage from David for more than four years and is still going strong at 95.Back to top